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NAAC 3rd Cycle

DVV Document

Criterion 2

2.1.1  1a Average percentage of seats filled acadamic session 2020-21 to 2016-17

2.1.1 1b Student list academic session 2020-21

2.1.1 1c Student list academic session 2019-20

2.1.1 1d Student list academic session 2018-19

2.1.1 1e Student list academic session 2017-18

2.1.1 1f Student list academic session 2016-17

2.1.1 2a UG Seat intake: Sanctioned from University

2.1.1 2b Programme-wise seat sanctioned year-wise


2.1.2 Average Seats filled from Reserved Category

2.1.2 Reserved student list 2020-21

2.1.2 Reserved student list 2019-20

2.1.2 Reserved student list 2018-19

2.1.2 Reserved student list 2017-18

2.1.2 Reserved student list 2016-17

2.1.2 Reservation Rule of  the affiliating University

2.1.2 Reservation Rule of the Government


2.2.2 1 Ratio of Teacher & Student and list of Teachers

2.2.2 2 Student list across all years in the latest completed academic year 2020-21


2.3.3 2 Circular of Mentor & Mentee

2.3.3 3 List of Mentor and Mentee

2.3.3 4 Issues Raised and Resolve & Mentor-Mentee Ratio


2.4.1 1 Teacher Sanction Order

2.4.1 2a Sanctioned Teacher List with Department

2.4.1 2b Management Sanctioned Teacher List with Department

2.4.1 3a Sanctioned Teacher Appointment Letter

2.4.1 3b Management Sanctioned Teacher Appointment Letter


2.4.2 1a average percentage of full time teachers with Phd during last five years

2.4.2 1b PhD Certificate Yearwise

2.4.2 2 Full time teachers with Phd and University deatils


2.4.3 1 Average Teaching Experience

2.4.3 2 Appointment Order


2.6.3 1a Result of the latest completed Academic year programme-wise

2.6.3 1b Result of the last five years year-wise with supporting document

2.6.3 2 Result Sheet/Marksheet Published by the Affiliating University

2.6.3 3 Report from the Controller of Examinations of the Affiliating University

Criterion 3

3.1.1 & 3.1.3 E-copies of letters of grant of research projects

3.1.1 & 3.1.3 Authenticated list of grants for research projects

3.1.1 & 3.1.3 Additional authenticated list of grants for research projects

3.1.1 & 3.1.3 List of grants for research projects

3.1.1 & 3.1.3 Additional list of grants for research projects

3.1.2 & 3.3.1 E-copy of letter from University Awarding Guideship

3.1.2 & 3.3.1 Data regarding the Percentage of teachers recognized as research guides

3.2.2 Report of the programmes_ brochure-photograph with date and captions_ details of resource persons etc.

3.2.2 List of workshops-seminars during last 5 years

3.3.2 Link landing to paper, article, journal and number of research papers (Data Template)

3.3.2 Screenshots- title pages of research papers

3.3.3 Number of books and chapters in edited volumes and papers published

3.4.2 E-copy of the award letters

3.4.2 Number of awards and recognitions received for extension activities from government- government recognised bodies during the last five years

3.4.3 Number of extension and outreach programmes (Data Template)

3.4.4 Authenticated list showing percentage of students participating in extension and outreach activities

3.5.1 E-copies of collaboration, related document

3.5.1 Report on collaborative activities

3.5.1 Details of collaborative activities Data Template

3.5.2 Number of functional MoUs Data Template

3.5.2 Authenticated List of activities conducted under each MoU along with dates of starting and completion

3.5.2 E-copy of the letters showing MoUs with other institutions

Criterion 5

5.1.1 Scholarship & Freeship provided by Government


5.1.2 Scholarship & Freeship Provided by Institution/NGA

5.1.1 & 5.1.2  Data Template

5.1.3 Circular-brochure – report- photographs of the events

5.1.3 Details of the events_Data Template

5.1.3 Authenticated list of programs conducted and the number of students enrolled

5.1.4 Authenticated list of students attending the programmes

5.1.4 Circular-brochure-report of program with photographs, captions and details of the resource persons

5.1.4 Number of guidence programs for competitive examination (Data Template)

5.1.5 Constitution of Student Grievance Redressal Committee

5.1.5 Minutes of the meeting of the Grievance Redressal Committee

5.1.5 Grieval Redressal Committee Report: Justification of Metric

5.2.2. Data Regarding Students Progressing to Higher Education

5.2.3 Qualifying Certificates of the students taking the examination year-wise under each category

5.2.3 Authenticated List of students year wise under each head

5.2.3 Number of students qualifying for state-national-international level examinations during the last five years_Data Template

5.3.1 E-Copies of Award Letters and Certificates

5.3.1 Award list: Outstanding Performance by students in cultural & Sports

5.3.3 Authenticated list of Students Participating in different Events

5.3.3 Circular-brochure of the activities

5.3.3 Number-List of sports and cultural activities

5.3.3 Report of the events along with photographs


NAAC 3rd Cycle

SSR 2022

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SSR 2022