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Manufacturing & Repairing of LED Bulb

Dr. Nabadweep Chamuah

Course Coordinator

Year of Joining: 2021

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics

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Manufacturing & Repairing of LED Bulb (MRLB)

This is a Technical course for UG and PG-level students. The course is designed to develop an entrepreneurial mindset among the students. This course involves the practical application of Electronics. It will boost the skill development credibility and improve the ability of the students in repairing electrical components used in day-to-day life. Finally, students will be able to assemble and repair an LED bulb on their own. 

Course Objectives and Outcomes: The objectives of the course are –
1. To understand the basics of power electronics and their usage in lighting controls, LED power supplies, and LED drivers.
2. To know about Special safety and handling precautions to be taken during LED luminary testing.

3. Identify dysfunctional components through visual inspection and by use of multi-meter
4. To understand various electronic & electrical components, materials, and their specific
properties & usages

Seat Capacity:

No. of Seats : 10

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Why Manufacturing and Repairing of LED Bulb?

LED bulbs are electric lamps that produce light through light-emitting diodes and are used in lighting fixtures. These contain a cluster of LEDs, which are mounted on a single base and are packed in diffuser lenses to spread light across a defined space. LED bulbs produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are based on solid-state lighting, which emits light from a semiconductor chip, thereby generating lesser heat than incandescent bulbs. The useful life of these lamps is defined differently than other light sources such as compact fluorescent light (CFL) or incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs do not fail or burn out, instead, they face lumen depreciation in which the brightness of the bulb decreases over time. The global LED bulbs market is expected to expand at a significant growth rate owing to the strict regulatory norms regarding the banning of inefficient light bulbs.

Owing to the longer durability and higher efficiency it is expected that the light market will be occupied by LED bulbs very soon. However, the production of LED bulbs needs to increase, and costs should be reduced. Keeping this in mind the course is designed to train young people in the production of LED bulbs locally. It is believed that this course will help in the generation of entrepreneurs and energy conservation.

Title of the Course

Manufacturing & Repairing of LED Bulb

Course Intructors

  • Dr. Jayanta Handique, Associate Professor, HEAD, Department of Electronics
  • Dr. Nabadweep Chamuah, Assistant Professor Department of Electronics
  • Ankit Chetri, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics


Dr. Nabadweep Chamuah

Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics, Digboi College

Email: nabadweep[at]

Hosting Department

Department of Electronics, Digboi College



Course Duration

Duration of the course: 90 DAYS

Evaluation Process

1. Written Examination
2. Practical and Viva voce
3. Attendance

At the end of the course, a certificate will be provided to the students depending on their
performance in the evaluation process. The course Coordinator determines the grading of the students
based on the evaluation process. The gradation in the certificate ranges from ‘O’ (for outstanding) to
‘F’ (unsatisfactory) in 10 points grading system.

Manufacturing of LED Bulb