About Digboi College

Digboi College, a premier institution of higher education affiliated to Dibrugarh University was established in 1965 in the historic oil town of Digboi, Assam.

A handful of dedicated educationists and social activists took the initiative to start a college in Digboi. Their dream came to reality on 15th July 1965. The benevolent role performed by Indian Oil Corporation Limited (AOD) in the growth of the college deserves special acknowledgment. The college has come a long way in imparting education at the undergraduate level in Arts, Science, and Commerce stream –both Major and Non-Major and has recently introduced a regular MSc in Physics and Life Science.

At present, there are 20 departments in the college with ~2000 students strengths. It is a provincialized college under Govt. of Assam. The college has been able to carve the status of one of the best colleges of Dibrugarh University. With its consistent quality performance in academic and allied arenas and radical contribution to research, it has been able to achieve craved recognitions STAR college scheme for the departments of Botany, Chemistry, and Physics as well as recognition and grant under the Community scheme and Finishing School of RUSA.

Our Vision

The college has a vision of imparting quality education. Quality education would prepare students to cater to the demands of a modern technological and global world while inculcating in them the values and cultural heritage for which India is so known to the world.

College Location

Digboi College is situated atop a hillock, just a few meters south of Digboi-Duliajan road. It has a sprawling campus of 25 acres of land endowed with exotic beauty of hills and lush green forests. The college campus has been naturally gifted with a rich bio-diversity.

Our Motto

The Motto of the college “विद्या ददावि विनयं” signifies that knowledge endows one with modesty which embodies humbleness, discipline and cultured mannerism. Modesty begets worthiness leading to right conduct, contentment and finally happiness.

Our Mission

The college seeks to:

  • Educate its students to become responsible and ethical citizens of the world with the skills to think creatively, reason critically and communicate effectively.
  • Encourage the students to pursue their courses with resolute determination, equanimity of mind and honesty of character.
  • Foster global competency among students so that they can prepare themselves for the opportunities and challenges of life.
  • Stimulate the academic ambience for quality sustenance and quality enhancement.
  • Build strong bonds with all stakeholders through dedicated teamwork, innovative strategies and commitment to excellence.
  • Inculcate National Integration and encourage cosmopolitan culture that embraces all castes, creeds & communities.

Our Belief

We believe that:

  • Every student has the potential to develop himself /herself as a worthy individual of society.
  • Education becomes most fruitful when individuals share and care for it.
  • Learning is a lifelong process and that meaningful education opens up horizons of persistent learning.
  • Lessons in discipline imbibed by the students make them not only responsible but responsive citizens.
  • If education is to produce socially useful individuals, the scientific, technological and economic learning imparted in educational institutions today must be supported by moral, intellectual and spiritual upbringing.

College Emblem

The emblem of the College was designed by Late Bimal Gogoi, an ex-teacher of the college and ex Inspector of colleges, Dibrugarh University and Late Hari Bhakta Kotowal, an ex-student of the college, a renowned painter and sculptor of his time who later became the Royal Poet of Nepal.

The upright structure on theglobe as depicted in the emblem is not only witness to the historical legacy of Digboi as the first oil township in Asia but is also symbolic of the ladder of knowledge which would enable us to reach our goal even beyond the limit of the horizon. The wings on either side of the base signify that with the help of education, we can soar high to attain the goal set in life. The sunrays symbolises hope and enlightenment that would dispel the darkness of life and illuminate the whole world.

The emblem is symbolic of the ethics and values that the college believes in and desires to infuse into our social fabric. The Citation from “Hitopadesha” at the base upholds the motto of the college.