Administrative Bodies


There are ten supporting Bodies that are categorized as administrative bodies. The Head of the Institution (HEI) is the Chairperson of all the Committees, Sub-committees & Cells.

Academic Board

The Academic Board consists of all the heads of the Departments as members of the Board. The Board is responsible for planning and executing all academic matters efficiently. The  Board will address any challenges that may arise in running the institution smoothly.  

Chaiperson: Dr. Dip Saikia, Principal


    1. Achyut Saikia, Department of Assamese
    2. Dipesh Mandal, Department of Bengali
    3. Jayantadeep Dutta, Department of English
    4. Dr. Pradip Kumar Bharti, Department of Hindi
    5. Mukunda Madhab Gogoi, Department of Economics
    6. Dr. Poban Gogoi, Department of Education
    7. Dr. Sangeeta Saikia, Department of Geography
    8. Dr. Anamika Neog, Department of History
    9. Bisti Ram Narzari, Department of Philosophy
    10. Dr. Banjit Kumar Das, Department of Political Science
    11. Sewali Saikia Hazarika, Department of Rural Development
    12. Dr. Tilak Dutta, Department of Botany
    13. Dr. Jonali Dutta, Department of Chemistry
    14. Prashanta Prasad Singha, Department of Computer Science
    15. Dr. Jayanta Handique, Department of Electronics
    16. Dr. Jatindra Lahkar, Department of Mathematics
    17. Dr. Rashmi Patowary, Department of Physics
    18. Rajib Rudra Tariang, Department of Zoology
    19. Deborshee Gogoi, Department of Commerce

Planning Committee

Convenor: Dr. Arun Chandra Dutta, Vice Principal, Rusa Co-ordinator, Member Secretary, CBCS Board


  1. Dr. Jayanta Handique, IQAC Co-ordinator
  2. Dr. Nayan Jyoti Khaund, Convenor Research & Development Cell
  3. Jayanta Deep Dutta, Convenor,  Campus Development Committee
  4. Dr. Jayatindra Lahkar, Convenor, Finance Committee
  5. Dr. Prafulla Mahanta, Librarian
  6. Praksh Saikia, Head Assistant
  7. Digbijoy Buragohain, General Secretary, DCSU (student representative)

Finance Committee

Convenor: Dr. Jatindra Lahkar, HEAD, Department of Mathematics


  1. Dr. Jayanta Handique, IQAC Co-ordinator
  2. Dr. Arun Chandra Dutta, Vice Principal
  3. Dipesh Mandal, Warden, Girls Hostel
  4. Mukunda Madhab Gogoi, HEAD, Department of Economics
  5. Praksh Saikia, Head Assistant

College Development Committee

The Campus Development Committee (CDC) consists of seven (7) Sub-committees. The Convenor of the constituent committees will be members of the CDC. The HEI/Academic Board will point one of the members as the convenor of the Committee. Further, the Vice Principal and the Co-ordinator of IQAC will also be members of the CDC. 

Convenor: Jayanta Deep Dutta, Department of English


    1. Dr. Arun Chandra Dutta, Vice Principal
    2. Dr. Jayanta Handique, IQAC Co-ordinator
    3. Dr. Gauri Buragohain, Convenor, Electricity & Alternative Energy Sub-committee
    4. Dr. Rajib Rudra Tariang, Convenor, Water Resource Management & Sanitation Sub-committee
    5. Dipesh Mandal, Beautification & Environment Protection Sub-committee
    6. Mukul Buragohain, Convenor, Play Ground Maintenance Sub-committee
    7. Dr. Kanai Das, Convenor, Intra Classroom Management & Swachha Campus Sub-committee
    8. Partha Kumar Narah, Convenor, Disaster Management Sub-committee

Intrastructure Development (ID)

Convenor: Jayanta Deep Dutta


  1. Partha Kumar Narah
  2. Dr. Kanchan Konwar
  3. Dipesh Mandal

Electricity & Alternative Energy (EAE)

Convenor: Dr. Nabadweep Chamuah


  1. Rajib Rudra Tariang
  2. Dipesh Mandal
  3. General Secretary, DCSU

Water Resource Management & Sanitation (WRMS)

Convenor: Rajib Rudra Tariang


  1. Dr. Jatindra Lahkar
  2. Jitu Borah
  3. Dipesh Mandal
  4. Dr. Nayan Jyoti Khound
  5. Dr. Sampreeti Boruah
  6. General Secretary, DCSU

Beautification & Environmental Protection (BEP)

Convenor: Dipesh Mandal


  1. Dr. Sangeeta Saikia
  2. Dulumoni Das
  3. Sewali Saikia Hazarika
  4. Social Service Secretary, DCSU

PLay Ground Maintenance (PGM)

Convenor: Mukul Buragohain


  1. Banjit Kumar Das
  2. Jitu Borah
  3. Dr. Biswajit Saikia
  4. General Sports Secretary, DCSU

Intra Classroom Management & Swachha Campus (ICRMSC)

Convenor: Dr. Kanai Das


  1. Dr. Subhadeep Chakraborty
  2. Dr. Binod Chetry
  3. Suraj Hajong

Disaster Management (DM)

Convenor: Partha Kumar Narah


  1. Janardan Borah
  2. Dr. Pradip Kumar Bharti
  3. Jitu Borah
  4. Dipesh Mandal
  5. Dulumoni Das
  6. Pradip Chandra Das

Grievance Redressal Cell

Convenor: Dr. Arun Chandra Dutta, Vice Principal


    1. Deepa Sarmah Borthakur, Department of Assamese
    2. Dr. Pabitra Bharali, Department of English
    3. General Secretary DCSU

Anti Ragging Committee

Convenor: Banjit Kumar Das, HEAD, Department of  Political Science


  1. Dr. Mamoni Sharma
  2. Partha Kumar Narah
  3. Dr. Kanchan Konwar
  4. Dr. Sampreeti Boruah
  5. President DCSU
  6. General Secretary, DCSU

Information and Communication Technology Committee

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Cell administers the institution’s website, ERP system, and computer laboratory. The Cell is also responsible for conducting the general election as well.

Convenor: Dr. Jayanta Handique, IQAC Co-ordinator, HEAD, Department of Electronics


  1. Dr. Nabadweep Chamuah
  2. Dr. Deep Kumar Kuri
  3. Prasanta Prashad Singha
  4. Poban Kamar
  5. Sanat Kumar Gogoi

Discipline Committee

Convenor: Gauri Buragohain, Department of English


  1. Aparajita Gogoi
  2. Partha Kumar Narah
  3. Rajib Rudra Tariang
  4. Mukul Buragohain
  5. Pradip Chandra das
  6. Sewali Saikia Hazarika
  7. General Secretary, DCSU

Canteen Supervising Committee

Convenor: Baby Ritu Phukan, Department of English


  1. Janardan Borah
  2. Jitu Borah
  3. Lakshmi Devi
  4. Arjun Singh Chetry

Anti Sexual Harassment Cell

Convenor: Deepa Sharma Borthakur, Department of Assamese


  1. Janardan Borah
  2. Anuradha Kumari Sahu
  3. Dimpy Das
  4. Subhasish Gogoi
  5. Murchana Gogoi