Vibrant Campus

Digboi College offers a wide range of facilities for the all round development of students and staff of the institution. Campus life at Digboi College is not just about traditional classroom based teaching learning approach. The institution provides ample opportunities for refinement of skills, pursuance of hobbies and discovering new talents and interests.

The campus is a constant buzz of various cultural, sports, intellectual and spiritual activities. Near the entrance of the campus there lie the playground and the indoor stadium, regularly used by the students and staff to hone their skills on sports like football, cricket, badminton, self defense activity, yoga practice etc.  

The institution has an auditorium with capacity of more than 500 people. The auditorium offers a platform for nurturing as well as promoting the rich cultural diversity of Eastern-most part of the country. A cultural harmony among communities living here in Digboi and nearby places is a recurrent scenario of the auditorium.    

Digboi College promotes activities and events which increases teamwork among students and teachers. Digboi College observe significant days such as National Science Day, Pi Day, Mother tongue day, Teachers day, World Mathematics Day. 

The scientific temperament of the institution is unparalleled. Digboi College regularly organizes scientific experiments, night sky observation, debate, quiz, popular talks, group discussion, state of the art projects, student seminar presentation, etc., to develop a scientific mindset.

Digboi College emphasises on social activities and value education. It organises extension activities through it’s NSS and NCC wing. Here are a few glimpses of those activities.