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Digboi College is located in the Tinsukia district, Assam. It lies in the northeastern part of Assam and is 510 km east of the State capital city Guwahati. Digboi is located at 27°22'48.0"N 95°37'48.0"E. It has an average elevation of 165 meters (541 ft). Digboi experiences a sub-tropical monsoon type of climate, with the year being divided into 3 basic seasons namely - summer, monsoon, and winter. The average annual rainfall of the place is around 120 inches.
Digboi College is situated at the belt of Dihing-Patkai National Park, Tinsukia, Assam. The college is bestowed with a naturally green campus with a huge diversity of flora and fauna. Digboi College is situated atop a hillock, just a few meters south of Digboi-Duliajan road. It has a sprawling campus of 25 acres of land endowed with the exotic beauty of hills and lush green forests. The college campus has been naturally gifted with a rich bio-diversity, as it is included under the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot of North East India. The College boundary has touched the Upper Dihing Elephant Reserve of Assam.

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