The College is naturally gifted with a green campus. The scenic beauty of the college is so ravishing that it attracts various faunal diversity including insects, birds, reptiles, and small mammals from the neighboring forest areas. The institution tries its best to maintain its green carpet. On entering the campus one does not need to feel the heat of the Sun as the entire campus of the institution is covered under a green carpet.

Entrance of the College Campus

Way to Hostel Complex

The trees and shrubs surrounding the roads, administrative buildings, library building, Hostel Complex, and the academic building provide a green environment for the college.

The College has performed different activities like cleanliness drive, plantation programme, plantation clearing, plastic waste recycling etc. to maintain its greenary. Awareness campaign on sustainable development, plastic recycling, plastic free and biodiversity conservation are organized by NSS, Digboi College Unit in collaboration with different bodies in regular manner. Display of environmental awareness board such as: no littering, plastic free campus etc. and different colour coded waste bins to segregate waste and easy collection is provided in all the blocks of the campus. The institution establishes a “Fruit Orchard” for the animals of nearby forests by planting the plants like guava, pineapple, orange etc. which attracts Barking deer, monkey, Elephant etc.

Plantation programme of the institution

The faculties and students are also encouraged to plant trees in the campus and for this Plantation drives are performed in Environment Day of every year. The college has also introduced the system of Planting a sapling by the students who take free admission and also they are responsible to take care of the saplings. However, the protection part of the saplings by fencing and all is maintained by college itself. The institution also in collaboration with NSS and other departments observe various days of environmental values like- Earth Day, World Environment Day, World Wet land Day, Van Mahotsav Big butterfly Month etc.