Rich Bio-Diversity

Digboi College has an eco-friendly campus which is favoured by the topography, adequate rainfall and climatic conditions resulting in high species diversity in the campus. Digboi College is situated at the belt of Dihing-Patkai National Park, Tinsukia, Assam.  The college is bestowed with a naturally green campus with a huge diversity of flora and fauna. Digboi College is situated atop a hillock, just a few meters south of Digboi-Duliajan road. It has a sprawling campus of 25 acres of land endowed with exotic beauty of hills and lush green forests. The college campus has been naturally gifted with a rich bio-diversity, as it is included under the Indo-Burma Biodiversity Hotspot of North East India. The College boundary has touched the Upper Dihing Elephant Reserve of Assam.  The rain forest belt provides a lush green campus with full canopy. More than 80% area of the campus is green having different species including trees, shrubs, and herbs. The College also established the “Fruit Orchard” and Garden which encompasses the rich floral diversity of the campus comprising ethno medicinally important plant and medicinal plants too.

The different species of insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals contributed to the diversity of fauna in the campus and plays an important role in the ecosystem. The college faunal diversity is prosperous with nearly 33 species of odonates, 258 species of Butterflies, 13 species of Amphibia, 13 species of lizards, 34 species of snakes, 198 species of birds and 30 species of mammals. The institution tries its best to maintain the safe habitat of these wildlife. An educational institution having such diversity in wildlife is rare in our country surrounded by dense forests and safe traveling land for wild animals. However, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, IIT Madras, and IIT Bombay premises maintain a certain wildlife wandering area. But, the rich diversity of wild animals and birds wandering in the campus of Digboi college is unparalleled. Further, there are several rare species of wildlife has been witnessed here

Digboi college campus is an excellent place for biology students or researchers to study life science, because it is under the Indo Burma Hotspot. To maintain this diversity the Institution carries out animal safety and rescue operation in the vicinity of the campus as well as nearby districts.

Although, the college has a green campus with flora and fauna diversity, however there is a scope for further expansion in various fields. For continuous improvement and management, proper strategies are to be taken in future and implementation of the action plans are needed. More installation of solar panels and lights, less use of lights by constructing well lighted rooms, introduction of e-office and e- programme practices, total restriction of automobiles inside the campus with construction of parking area outside the campus are some measures to develop more Eco friendly environment. The ravishing beauty of the college campus and availability of various bird species of astethical importance attracts many tourists to the college including the foreigners.